Beer & Gear is a fictional restaurant based in Philadelphia inspired by tools. The concept combines a gastropub with a hardware store to create a "One Stop Man Shop." The idea was derived from the two things in life I need on my weekends, great beer and a good set of tools. I wanted to create something as hands-on and tactile as possible because the market for an idea like this would want to be as involved as possible. There are two menus, "Build Your Belly" for food, and "Get Ripped" for the house-brewed beer and a third mini bar menu that works as a physical receipt. Just take the red pen from your tool belt and check off your order, rip it off and hand it to the bartender. Tactility was of upmost importance for this concept. Every piece of the project involves some sort of physicality. 

Creative Quarterly 36 Runner up,

Art Direction: Stephanie Knopp